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Circuito de Guilhovai - A real Portuguese place in 1:160 scale


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Good evening everyone!


It took me half a year to start working on this project, but I finally started the "Circuito de Guilhovai", a 1:160 representation of a random rural area in Portugal that could fit in a 1200x600mm plywood board.


My father worked on the wood base, and now I'm working on the terrain, made from 2mm cork and traced to match the real life terrain.

I'm doing it at my workplace, so progress will depend on how much work I have to do, plus if I get bored from working on my master's dissertation (which is the biggest priority).


I know this approach to terrain was going to be a huge pain in the bottom, but cork is readily available in Portugal, easy to work with and I can rest assure that all the unusable pieces can biodegrade naturaly.




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Already working on the third layer of terrain, and the wood glue already makes it like the river has water in it. 



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Clear pvc wood glue is a goto for many in making small amounts of water, I’ve seen it used in several Japanese modeling magazines. I experimented and it was quite easy to tease little waves and such into the drying glue. My biggest worry is maybe yellowing with age and any uv as well as maybe cracking as the glue is not designed usually to be exposed and be in smaller gabs, not big hunks. Gloss Artist medium does work well for small bits, you can get it in several viscosities at the art store all the way up to a gel you can sculpt waves with. Not cheap, but very stable. thinner stuff you need to put down in layers.


but in this case the pvc glue can be used to form a nice sealed stream bed.





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