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Tomytec Downtown Skyscraper


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10 hours ago, Cat said:

Staples' self-serve machines default to a 28 lb paper which this is.  They also have an economy 24 lb choice.
The printing resolution in colour or black & white is much better than whatever printer Roxanne has in her office at work.


I bet the Staples definition quality is as good or better than mine. @Madsing's printer is quite a bit fancier. That's likely top quality. I mainly want to have my own printer, because I bet I'll have to do a lot of trial and error to get things right, and I don't want to be running over an back to a print shop. Also I want to be able to print copyright material - logos etc. Kinkos refused to do that for me before. I'm quite looking forward to experimenting with the thing. But if I let the jets dry, then I'll have proved I don't deserve nice things like that and will have to find an alternative 🙂


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21 minutes ago, gavino200 said:

Is England still using that crap, or did the Europeans make them change before they jumped ship?


The process of conversion actually started before the UK joined the EU (EEC as it was). I grew up with a half-donkeyed mix of systems, e.g. I think by the time I left in the early 1990s road distances were in miles, but petrol was sold in litres. I'm not qualified to say how it is now, but having got back into model railways a few years back and joined a UK-centric forum, I was surprised to see how many people were defaulting to metric measurements.

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1 hour ago, gavino200 said:

Also I want to be able to print copyright material - logos etc. Kinkos refused to do that for me before. 


That's not a problem at Staples.  For my signs, I bring my pdf on a thumb drive and stick it in the self-serve copier/printer and just print away.
Kinkos was way more hard-nosed than Staples.  I've had no problem bringing in copyright material for game reference sheets to be printed on cardstock on the behind the counter machines at Staples.  Kinkos refused those, even when I pointed out in the game rule book that it was OK to make copies for personal use!  Staples has never asked.


1 hour ago, gavino200 said:

I also can't stand needing to maintain two different sets of tools? 

Love my double sets of measuring tools!  Sometimes 1/64" units gets me right where I want, sometimes mm.  
If I could buy an accurate metal ruler in Imperial Roman Measurements, I'ld buy it in a flash to add to the quiver.
: 3

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I haven't had any time for this project lately. But while daydreaming about it, I think I've come up with a plan for how to do it.


I'll provisionally install all the floors. Then I'll wrap some thin white paper around the front in place of where the windows would go. Next I'll provisionally install the balconies. Probably I'll use E6000 glue so it'll be sturdy but reversible. Then I'll sketch a window frame pattern onto the white paper that looks good. Then disassemble and measure out the window frame/window dimensions. Recreate the pattern in a software program. Print onto decal sheets using my fab new printer. Then reassemble for real!

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On 12/11/2021 at 10:18 PM, Madsing said:

Another idea for a nice building I came across recently


The flat timber grid could be done using tape as recommend by Jeff, or styrene strips for a better 3D effect. I think these would be to scale https://evergreenscalemodels.com/collections/14-white-polystrene-strips/products/100




From a distance it looks like it is scaffolding and under construction.  🙂


It is cool looking what they did with it

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