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bikkuri bahn

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Today JR Tokai invited the press/media outlets to examine the new 315 series EMU, which will begin service next March on the Chuo Line between Nagoya and Nakatsugawa.  These are slated to replace the 211 series, at least on this section.  These are, for JR Tokai, the first new commuter EMU rolling stock introduced in 23 years, since the 313 series introduction in 1999. 


test run in the Shiojiri area:





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Das Steinkopf

Even though I am a JR Tokai fan I'm just not feeling the love for the 315 Series, I much prefer the look of the 313 Series.

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The 315 could end up replacing all the 211, 311 and 311 models by the late 2020's. Now, I really wonder what are JR East's plans to replace the aging 211 series running on more rural electrified lines in the Kantō region. A likely possibility: a new version of the E131 designed to run in colder weather, since the E129 is no longer in production.

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