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JNR Liveries / Livery Eras


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15 hours ago, disturbman said:

No, I didn't mean the Hokutosei DD51s, I was thinking of the JR Freight ones. I thought they were running in Hokkaido but I might have been wrong.



Oh, I don't recall seeing those (or if I did, I assumed they were Hokutosei ones).


Digging about a bit, the appropriate Tomix product description page says:





I.e. seems these were JRF locos which were renewed/life-extended from 2002.


Reminds me of DB's Ozeanblau livery:



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Nearly the livery Blue/cream of DD51´s


Hokkaido: no. 1058 & 1059 (JRF-Test livery later 80s), no. 1147, no. 1165, no. 1166

Honshu: no. 856, no. 866, no. 875, no. 889, no. 890, no. 893


no guarantee...


On 1/15/2021 at 10:33 PM, roadstar_na6 said:

So you‘re meaning stuff like DD54 and ED71 compared to EF65 and the like


I don‘t think there ever was a blue/cream DL in Japan and I can‘t really think of a reason why some ELs would be blue/cream and others would be red 😄 


Don't forget the Shinkansen DL series 911 https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/新幹線911形ディーゼル機関車

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