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C11 leading axle derailment

Yavaris Forge

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Yavaris Forge


I need some help with my C11 (Kato 2002). It is a very smooth running locomotive but I have problems with the leading axle as it often derails on my turnouts. I use Arnold turnouts which aren't the finest but I would still like to run the C11 until I switch to a better track system. I have already widened the leading axle and it got a little bit better but not much. Any help will be appreciated!

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Yavaris Forge

Okay so I had a conversation with @roadstar_na6 and the solution was to place a coupler spring under the mounting of the leading axle.


I had to put a piece of plastic between the cylinders so that the spring can move in curves.


My C11 runs a lot better now.

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