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There's a crew member haranguing people with a miniaturized megaphone.    The bus is passing~, the bus is passing~!



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[Japan's most chaotic bus terminal] Looking at the queue of buses @ Tsunashima Station


This bus center visit video is Tokyu Tsunashima Station Bus Terminal in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Tsunashima Station, which is famous as a switchback bus terminal, is served by Tokyu Bus, Yokohama Municipal Bus, and Rinko Bus.



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In 2018 I was in Takao (actually, I almost always visit Takao when I'm in Hachioji). Next to the station they had a bus turntable, think this was due to lack of space. By the time I took this picture, they had already extended the area and drove around the turntable for changing direction of the busses.




Maybe I have to check this summer if it's still there. 





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15 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Fits in your back pocket!




Squeezing down the traffic cones might be the most difficult part.

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