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I got a new job....


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Just drove my first train, Mandurah to Butler. Later in the dark I'm going to be passing a signal at red and driving up the down main into Perth. Now there's one for the trainee book.

Concentrating on boat building at home but have managed to put some Kato building kits together and run a few trains on a temp layout.

Life is Goooood!

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10 hours ago, TRod said:

Just drove my first train, Mandurah to Butler.


Congratulations! Was it An A- or B-series?

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B Series, A's are too slow for the north and south lines.

There are track works on the northern line so trains terminating at Perth and returning south. We are arriving at Perth on the wrong platform, requiring  drivers to pass a signal at red for a shunt move.

I'll get to do it tonight if we don't hit any more wildlife.


Yes we do put signals at red for training purposes as well, I'm just lucky this is a real scenario.

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I got dumped on triple zero's approaching the red stick doh! Wasn't even doing 10kph.

Lots to learn still.

Great job for those who like structured mechanical movements, a bit like a production line without the boxes.


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