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I got a new job....


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Driving Trains!

Real trains, EMU's for Trans Perth Train Operations, Perth Western Australia. The Metropolitan passenger train service which is currently undergoing a huge expansion including an 8km tunnel section. That will be fun.

Was short listed from 2650 applicants down to about 100 made it to the top 30 and started two weeks ago.

6 months training ahead.

And l have been building some Kato building kits for my layout so l can finalise the design and get on with building it.

About time l hear some of you say. 

Happy days.

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That's great news, congratulations on getting through! 

I hope everything goes well for you during your training, and once you take up.


All the best,



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Congratulations, sounds like a fun job and good work coming out in the final group! Keep us posted on the training, will be interesting to hear about your adventure!





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Thanks, just enduring all the usual induction courses at the moment.

Spent a whole day in critical incidents yesterday with a psychologist, unfortunate part of the job.

Don't know much about the new Siemens trains, what we call the C series.

I'll be learning in the very manual  A series and newer (faster) B series.

I'm one lucky camper.


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On a train now, we took one out of the depot to get to another depot.

Just cruising along, blowing through stations, this is so much fun.

I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually but right now l am like a kid at Christmas.

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Big Congratulations!! I used to drive the TP EMU's but have since moved on. I am now working in Rio Tinto Train Control operating trains remotely.




Have fun for me!

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So, my first observation day was on Friday. First time in the cab of a real working train.

Being a very mechanically minded guy with a very sound electrical background, and the first time seeing the world rush at me and not by me, l was like a dry sponge in a rain storm. With so much to learn ahead of me l used the day to experience what it would be like to drive trains, not to learn any specifics.

This is going to be a great job!

I have been a submariner and skimmer sailor, trains won't be easy to learn but very doable.

Was great to learn some basics about braking, understand the train numbering system more which designates the line and whether on the up or down line.

We were doing some shuttles (shorter runs) so l learnt a bit more about sidings and shunt signals.

Nothing beats hands on experience.



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8 hours ago, E231-500 said:




Have fun for me!

I can understand how you miss it and l hope to have more fun than a clown at a ballon popping show.

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On 9/22/2020 at 8:36 PM, JR 500系 said:

Congratulations TRod! That's great news indeed! Time to pop that champagne! 


You have managed to clinch the dream job of some of us! 

Dream job and a job for life.

Happy as a dog with two dicks. 🤭

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Well that was an interesting 2 weeks of learning double line running, safety and rules.

Nothing really hard but a lot to take in.

What was hardest was the continual inconsistencies between instructors' interpretations of rules and, ambiguity and very poorly written questions.

Next week is supposed to be harder and, with the same instructors.

All that said, l passed without much study.

Looking forward to some observation days where l accompany a driver in the cab for a day. I've done one but decided to book of sick for today's as I've been battling the flu since my 50th birthday last week. 

Oh and l got a package from Hobby search during the week. Four rural platform extension sets and two rural platform sets. They are hidden in the shed.

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Another 3 days done learning single line working. This makes up about 1.5 km of the entire metro network, but we still got to learn it. Not hard but damn confusing the way the assessment questions are worded.

So that hard bit done, now to learn the mechanical stuff about the rail cars, points, the Automatic Train Protection system et all.

Happy to get through only losing one mark.

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Today is POINTS.

S type,  W type, K blades frogs, et all.

Finally getting into some mechanical stuff out if the classroom.

I thought learning the network was going to be difficult but it's amazing what you can do when you're enjoying yourself.

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always great to hear folks enjoying learning something new and a new job like this! always great to love to do what you do!



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Theory, procedures, procedures and technical stuff.


Welcome to the wonderfull world of train drivers.


Can't wait to read your thoughts and adventures of it.

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