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Painted or Wrapped Trains in Special Liveries

Krackel Hopper

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would be wonderful if microace made the figure set for the characters on the train to go with it like they did for the galaxy express 999 sets!


well at least Anpanman would be pretty easy to make with a figure and a few layers of blobbed paint!


btw i do have a few Doreamon and Pokemon charms that are like 8-12' tall scale to make some plaza show/displays with. i eventually want to have a nice train plaza in front of a large station where there can be rotating fun displays of things like these figures, the mach 5, batmobile, sculputures, art/culture, etc.



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This is made by tomix I think it's a special that going to be sold off at a show.


HS are purchasing them and reselling them


also a portion of profits from sales are going to tsunami/earthquake fund


It is a really great looking model and thinking about how the model is being obtained by hs and that it's likely inflated due to a painted train, looks amazingly awesome and is going towards a charity the price really isn't that bad.


I'm assuming it would have a flywheel though it does not state.


likely to be using same build as this http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10160432 the undercarriage details certainly look similar to the pics

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im curious, where did you see the tsunami relief part? hs did not post that on their blog or the item description.


i cant see it doubling in price due to the paint job, tomytec has done painted trains at the regular price. there would be a bit for the license i guess, but if its a charity train then i would hope they would get the license for free. even so are they going to contribute half the price of this to the tsunami relief? i kind of doubt that and i would expect them to make a bigger deal out of that. i would hope that tomix would throw in their profit as well to the charity.


perhaps if hs is buying them retail at the show and then reselling that could drive the price up if they are putting in a good margin on it.


i would probably buy for tsunami support if a large chunk of the money was going to the effort, but its not feeling like it here.




aside: while reading some of the hs blogs i noticed this fun translation at the top of one


HAS Been written this article in Japanese.

We apologize for your Inconvenience, and your for your Understanding. is a mound of shrimp paste.


i LOVE mounds of shrimp paste! jr

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near the bottom 東日本大震災復興支援のため寄付されます


it's being obtained at retail from what i see in the blog as they are obtaining from a exhibition??? either way i can't get it just spent way too much lately

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oh groaaaaannnn... the aso boy looks too nice! well its not out till july soooo, click, pre ordered. very good as in the last 6 months so far its only that and the zoo train for me for sets. well did pick up a couple of locos, but those were on cheap!


i really do need to work on the display cabinet for these.



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shes got great eyes!



They definitely look like eyes indeed.


Have a look at the last car... the eyes are evil but the train looks really good from it's color scheme

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Martijn Meerts

Must .. Resist .. Mangattan .. Liner .. Even .. Though .. It's .. In .. Stock ... ...


Too .. Much .. On .. Preorder ........




ARG! :)

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oh no another one onto the micro ace wish list! new eyes train! thanks bill





Iga Railway Co. Ltd.

Uenoshi Station

Iga City Mie Pref. Japan

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Asahiyama Zoo train is in! already sold out now by the time i got the preorder notice early this am!




im tempted to see if i can change this to ems shipping to get it here by the Sakuri Matsuri in two weeks.


this is going to be a great looking train! ouch on the price though, its going to average $50/car with shipping!



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thanks bill, that one brought a smile to my face after all the other carp, er i mean crap, going on with the jrm invite...


ok ma how long???


i really do want to make the wall case with all the painted trains, wouldnt that look grand!



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