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Hi from Orlando, Florida


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I'm new to the group and just rode the Shinkansen the "Nozomi" last month (June 2018).  It was my first bullet train and rode similar trains in Europe but think the Japanese trains are the best - smoothest and fastest. Very impressed and a huge fan and hope to go back to Japan next year to explore more. I also went to the Shinkansen museum in Nagoya and highly recommend for everyone here. Even if you are not a train fan you will become one as you see and learn about the wonderful trains and get to board and explore most. I took a lot of pictures and even made some videos that I'll work to post to share. Look forward to learning and interacting here and glad to find this great group. In the United States we don't have many impressive trains so it's always exciting to leave the country to see incredible trains. Thank you for this forum and to everyone for sharing! I attached a YouTube link of my first ride from Nagoya to Osaka with a brief stop in Kyoto.



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Hi there! Nice video, thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums!


Did you ride the train that was pulling into the station in the beginning of the video? 


If you did, i'm sorry... That's not a Nozomi. 😛

It's a Hikari ~ You can tell the difference of the services (Nozomi, Hikari, Kodama are service names) by their colour. Nozomi - Yellow, Hikari - Red and Kodama - Blue. The train that was pulling into the station at the end of the video on the opposite platform is a Nozomi ~ (Yellow) 


If i'm not mistaken, the Nozomi does speeds of up to 300km/h, but I don't think it was along the stretch of Nagoya to Shin-Osaka. It think they hit the top operating speed of 300km/h somewhere after Shin-Osaka, like Himeji or somewhere else ~ 

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Welcome drake! 


Great you got to start riding shinkansens (and other high speed trains) so young! 


Lots of of us around the us feel the same and why we love japanese trains! 


Have you gotten into train modeling yet? Quite fun way to remember your train travels and be creative.





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Welcome to the forum drake!  I only got to take the shinkansen myself for a very short trip, but it was a great experience!  Be sure to share any other train photos from your trip with the forum.

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Need for High Speed

I first got into high speed trains from riding the CRH380a in China but very similar to those in Japan.

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