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The EF64s are among my favourites of all the favouritiest locomotives I like, and though I can normally resist picking up magazines featuring them on the cover, a quick flick through this issue revealed a lot of interesting shots of workings on the Chuo Line, which are always of great assistance in justifying curating my collection of ever more obscure Chuo Line stock, and to my delight it contains photographic evidence of a variety of "Joyful Trains", which helpfully justifies the Euroliner set I acquired a while back on a Rule 1 basis and also a future "Rainbow Express" purchase. Among others.




In other Chuo Line justification news, I discovered via another magazine that there was once a car factory at Higashi-Koganei which generated some Ku5000 traffic and the internet helpfully provides photographic evidence.

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Das Steinkopf
On 3/13/2021 at 2:28 AM, railsquid said:

Just another day in Takahachikawa, with an EH200 hauling a rake of empty takis bound for Negishi.



main-station-approach-left_2021-03-12_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


Real life version:






Certainly a very familar sight on the Chuo Nishi-sen, I still have it etched in my mind looking at the EH200's sitting in the yard at Minami Matsumoto after bringing the fuel trains in from Tokyo.

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