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Love the tree! When you use twigs and add cover to them it makes them look like the real thing.


Yes, I thought bare twigs are ok (pretend it is fall  :cheesy) however after reading your thread in the scenery section I just had to try it ...

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Serenity - Congratulations and well done!! One of the aspects of the Project Party is to gets us together and accomplish the tasks that we sometimes put off because we like running trains. As with my project it's done for the party and I can always add more details at a later date. To look back on your layout when you first started to now, you've really did an amazing job! :thumbsup:

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Mudkip Orange

Holy freaking crap man.


I think this is the first time I've actually seen someone do a model of those "suspended" canopy-type roofs you see at modern tram/LRT/bus shelters. And in N scale!



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