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bikkuri bahn

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Good article, especially the section about the integration of AnsaldoBreda.

Dormer credits this work with Bombardier for fuelling a turnaround in the business. “They taught AnsaldoBreda a lot in terms of transformation of processes in the factories, and the management team had done a really good job in terms of transforming the quality culture in the company,” he says. “We’ve been able to accelerate that and we’ve been able to import some of the quality practices that Japanese businesses use as standard.”

A key factor in the turnaround of AnsaldoBreda has been rebuilding the company’s relationship with its supply chain. “AnsaldoBreda was bottom of the queue when it came to suppliers in the past because they were very small, and therefore not as important as some of the big players, and because they probably weren’t the best at paying,” Dormer says. “Things are different with the Hitachi brand behind the business. We are a much bigger customer, we pay on time, but we demand quality and performance from our supply chain. We work very closely with suppliers and that has helped the company already but it will make a massive impact in the future.”



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