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Yen has been weak for a while now. I've been stockpiling so hobby stuff the past few months.


I don't think we'll see SAL return. And if it does, it'll be a year or two before if does.

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I'm wondering how is that going to work with the Customs service I have in my country.

Does pre-tax collection have a specific route that ships straight home?

Or am I still going to be bothered by Customs?

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@Giugiaro Basically what will happen is that the tax declaration will be affixed to the box with a vendor IOSS-ID

The tax declaration will be communicated directly to the tax collector; upon entry the IOSS-ID is checked to see if taxes are indeed paid.

If the check is completed successfully, the parcel is immediately cleared by customs.

What can happen sometimes is that the vendor does not declare the tax correctly, in which case they will still charge VAT and the administration fee. In that case you need to complain at the vendor to get your money back.

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2 hours ago, katoftw said:

Meh. Already been doing it for 2 years. For euro buyers, it's just shifting where you pay for gst/vat.




Not only. If VAT is paid directly at the invoice, you're saving the declaration fees of DHL or La Poste or whatever .... and for DHL, everytime there is a VAT to collect, they charge fees on top (fees + VAT on top of the fees to be exact) around 20 euros. 


So that, it's a way to save money. 

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