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Working voltage of Kato / Tomix trains.


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Wich voltage output do Tomix or Kato use?

Is the direct home current (110v or 220v) or there is a transformer wich reduces output voltage?

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Most T omix have switchmode transformers for 100-240V.  Only one has only 100V still available on the market..


Kato is only 100V.  But you just replace the transformer with one from your home country.

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The trains use 12V DC. Tomix and Kato transformers support different voltages between 100V AC only for the oldest types to 100-240V AC 50-60hz for the newest switching mode ones. Kato trasformers output low voltage AC which is regulated into 12V DC by the speed controller. Tomix speed controllers usually need 12V DC and output the same if the transformer is not built in, then they take AC and output at most 12V DC. Some Tomix battery and tram controllers have a maximum of 6V or 9V DC.

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