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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, (Note: All the research outlined below is relatively crude, as i don´t know japanese and had to utilize google translate for most of this. It is likely that i just missed something because of that) I´ve recently been pondering on buying a Kato C57 1 to add to my fleet. This is why I´ve trying to figure out, if there are alternatives to couple 2 steam locomotives together, without using the kinda ugly and un-prototypical Kato tandem coupler, which attaches to the front bogie. And thus I´ve lost my mind and free-time to trying to figure this out... In a nutshell: I did find a way to couple 2 locomotives together in an elegant and prototypical looking fashion (link to this video by shigemon). And while I found, that using the Kato Z05-0746 coupler (originally Kato USA part 28-270) seems to be the most popular way of doing this mod, that exact part doesn´t seem to be available anywhere (quite a trend as we´ll see later). Admittedly, I couldn´t check Kato USA, as their parts-website is under maintenance and is thus not available. Doing more research, I found that this mod is possible with other couplers (yay!). As seen here (video by ゆかり) and here (video by でんきちくらぶ) the mod is possible with Greenmax, other Kato (Z01-0239) and even Micro-Train couplers (though MT couplers seem to require heavy modification to the body, which I don´t want to do). However, once again, both Kato and Greenmax couplers are once again seemingly sold out everywhere. This is where my questions come in: As an "alternative" I did manage to find Kato 28-235. While it does mostly contain stuff irrelevant to the topic at hand, it does seem to contain the Z01-0239 couplers I was looking for. Could anyone perhaps confirm this? I haven´t been able to find any information on the exact contents of this parts bag. I also noticed how similar the greenmax couplers and the Kato 28-187 / 28-188 couplers, so could you perhaps use these as replacements? Shigemon also mentioned, that you could modify z-scale couplers, does anyone know which one he meant? I personally couldn´t find any info on that front... I was also wondering, if there was a way to utilize any other type of coupler (preferably Kato), so any info on that would be appreciated Generally, any info on this topic would be appreciated. I haven´t been able to find a single piece information in english, which is why i am making this post Thanks in advance
  2. Shinchipboard

    Newest Kato kinematic type coupler

    Hi, I have a Kato 10-1178 24 class sleeping car blue train. Question is. How do I fit a coupler that my locomotive can hook up to? All the coaches have this tiny kinematic style buckeye that I can find no information about on the web and try as I might I can't seem to fit an Arnold or any other type of coupler. I have recently returned to Japanese N and I didn't expect this. Even thinking of slapping an MT body mount in there as this is the way id like to go with auto uncoupling at terminus station. :icon_puke_r:
  3. A recent Railway Pictorial Archives Selection issue about Meitetsu 1970~1980 (#31) had an interesting article about Meitetsu's bespoke automatic coupler. Basically, with the frequent forming and un-forming of consists in revenue services en-route on the Meitetsu network (around 260 times/day in the early 1970's), the railway was looking for a coupling/uncoupling procedure that was more rapid and safer for train staff. Meitetsu looked at adopting Shibata style couplers with associated automatic electrical linkage, but ruled it out due to expense (Meitetsu used knuckle-style couplers on its fleet). An in-house system was developed which could be retro-fitted to existing couplers (in particular those of the 7000 series SR Panorama Cars). The device, mounted under the existing coupler, consisted of an 80 pin electrical connector and a three-hole air brake connection (main reservoir pipe, straight air pipe, and brake pipe). The connections were protected by a metal cover when not in use. Two types were developed- one with a fixed mounting, and another with a extendable connection driven by an air cylinder. When coupling, at least one coupler must be the extendable type. This system was used as the air and electrical connections are independent of the knuckle coupler connection- therefore, even with a slight offset of the main coupler connection, the electrical/air connections are secure. With the adoption of this coupler, coupling operations were shortened from 1 min 40s to 1 min, and decoupling from 1 min 34s to 1 min 4 s. Subsequent new rolling stock were fitted with this coupler as standard. Demo at an open day: Another angle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NOrjGVTMDU at Shin Anjo Station: At Shin-Unuma Station: An oldie, at Otagawa Station:
  4. Missing coupler shaft on the trix ICE3, any advice?
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