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Ginza Line - vintage equipment?


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I'm just beginning on dual microlayout model of the Asakusa terminus of Tokyo's Ginza Line, with a "then and now" theme, using six Ikea APA boxes as baseboards/surrounds.

One third of the model will show the current era, with the platforms underneath Edo-Dori and it's buildings. I have two Kato 01 trains for this scene.

Fiddle yards will be in the middle.

The other end will depict the same location 70 years ago, at the end of WW2.

The Kato 01 trains will not be good for the 1945 scene, and so I'm in need of a couple of original 1000-series Ginza Line trains for it.

Does anyone here know where such rare beasties can be obtained?



Roy Wilke

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Two prototypes went on to the Choshi Dentetsu, and it looks like there were unpowered Tomytec models made of these: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/lineup/tetsudou/2set_017.html .  As far as I know Tomytec also makes various sizes of powered chassis which these body shells can be snapped onto.  I'd check with http://www.loco1hobby.net and http://www.modeltrainplus.net to try to source these.

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Thank you, Miyakoji, but I fear those Choshi Dentetsu vehicles are too recent for the period (1945) I'm looking at modelling for the "then" section. :sad1:

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