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Modemo Tram Releases Delayed

Guest bill937ca

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Guest bill937ca

Modemo's web site  has announced a number of delays to new releases.


The NT79  Enoshima Electric Railway 1500 form, "S K I P Issues II" (M car) and  the NT80  Tokyu 300 series (304 F) (M car Green Apple) were scheduled for February 2008, now will be launched until April 3, 2008.


Previously, the NT75 600 ?M? Mo Meitetsu form 600 (M car) and NT76 600??T? Mo Meitetsu form 600 (T car ) scheduled for January 2008 was delayed until April 3, 2008.



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I've never come across any of the Modemo products. It seems like they specialize in Trams, is that correct? How do like them as compared to the other Japanese manufactures?

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Guest bill937ca

The translation from Excite is "Odakyu deluxe coach  20000 shape  RSE".  Modemo does reissue models, but most often these are trams.

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