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New NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal


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It was a good episode.  I wonder if this host is like the next Peter Barakan... :)


If they keep with this trio of presenters, I'll be happy. They all seem to know their stuff, and all seem genuinely interested in railways and railway tech.


It's a world apart from Samurai Wheels, I don't think they could have found three worse presenters for that show. :D

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It is a little too nerdy for my tastes.  But maybe because we've had 2 technical episodes in a row I'm all teched out?  It is a program done on the very cheap, so we cannot complain.  And any railway program is better then none.


What ever happened to the using/travelling Japan's rail network help segments?

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Anyone tape it?


Absolutely... it's being uploaded as I type. :)


dabsan does the sharing of this show, so as soon as he's got it from my share and uploaded it, I'm sure he'll be happy to share it with everyone else.


I also have a programme about the Shinkansen that was shown today as well (called Speeding to Glory - The Shinkansen), I'll create a new thread for that, it's probably just a one off show.

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October 9, 2015

The Secret of Operating Preserved Steam Locomotives

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*You will leave the NHK website.

Watch Live in

3days 11hours 8min

In Japan, regions operating preserved steam locomotives benefit from vital boosts to the local economy. Discover the secrets behind making these historic workhorses invaluable tourist attractions, and how the practice is gaining popularity. Then meet the experts whose supreme skills preserve the precious boilers and maintain the engines, and see the 300 years of tradition behind the manufacture of a unique shovel specifically designed to efficiently scoop coal. Also, a special guest joining us this time is Rena Matsui, a successful former member of the popular idol group SKE48, and now she is pursuing her career as an actor.






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