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Kenji T.

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Hi. Im going to japan to buy myself more n guage stuff and I always go to Akihabara in Tokyo to do my shopping. Usually I would go to the tam tam hobby shop and the yodobashi akiba shopping centre. The problem is, im buying lots of trains and I wondering which place is cheaper overall? Any tips? Thanks in advance...

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Try comparing online? Searching using model numbers usualy works.






Bear in mind the Yodobashi price is effectively discounted by 10% with the point card. Tamtam offers an across-the-board 30% off the manufacturer's recommended price, while Yodobashi seems to vary the discount. Both site display prices including consumption tax. As a tourist however you may be able to get the tax refunded, which Yodobashi will be better equipped for. Taking a quick, unrepresentative comparison, there's no clear winner on price.

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