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C57 (CT270) restored in Taiwan

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bikkuri bahn

TAIPEI (Jiji Press)—A Japanese-made Class C57 steam locomotive decommissioned in Taiwan more than 30 years ago is set for revival as repair work was completed last month.

On June 9, Railway Day in Taiwan, the restored locomotive will be unveiled to the public and put into service.




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It looks unique with parts and panels in colors other than black. Based on some wikipedia pictures, Taiwan Railway Administration's steam locos were all black just like JNR's, maybe a little extra white trim. I'm interested to see how the restoration work compares to JR East's recent projects, same goes for UP's restoration of 4014. Seems like a tough act to follow.

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I think the red on the loco is just undercoat or primer, my guess is she will be in authentic black when she is finished.


I visited the Changhua roundhouse in 2009, it is open to the public and they even have a viewing platform overlooking the turntable.

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The red paint is primer, the silver paint on the smokebox looks like Apexior. These are both protective finishes that will be covered by the final coat of black paint.





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