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IG nippoN 鉄道模型マニアの会 2014.02


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this weekend was a small meeting at our club member "Waldi" in Berlin

Here some Impressions


Bustling Town


Busy Town Outskirts


Drive by


Train Variety Village and Town







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I guess I was once following photos of your colleague in Picasa web service. I recall similar layouts, Germany, and if I remember the name correctly it was Waldemar.

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wow was that a ig nippon temp setup or someones more permanent layout or a mixture? nice long runs!


very nice videos as well!





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Hi Jeff,


This a temporary Layout. Build up in 2 days. Stands for a week. After that it will be disassamble and stored for a Year.




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Hello together

This Layout is really one of my Highlights of the year. And i think it is also the Highlight

for all the others from our IG Nippon Group.

It is unbelieveble all these stuff where build in two days and we can play only one week with it.

Tomorrow morning i will visit Waldi ( Waldemar ) again and I will make some Fotos.

For me it is a short way, because i am living on the border to Berlin.

Thank you Waldi for this event.

JGSDF Meickel

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