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JRM in Washington Post


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The washington post recently interviewed our club president, Matthew Davis about japanese trains. The did a nice little one page photo article in the weekend magazine on japanese model trains and the club. Not huge but fun and nice to see the paper take an interest in something odd like japanese model trains! Nice set of pictures of a few train and structure models in color with decent resolution.


Unfortunately it looks like it may not be public on the site (this feature only puts like 1 in 4 public), but if anyone wants to see it pm me and i can send you a scan of it.





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Our local club held their annual show on the 10-11 and 12th Jan 2014. I took a couple of videos on the large N scale layout owned by a friend. Mostly American based , but I managed to slip my new Dr Yellow on the layout for a good run in and it got a lot of attention from the public. 




photo from our local newspaper before the show .They also had an article with details and prices.


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good to see there is a good group in NZ! what is the module format?


bet everyone was asking what the yellow train was! love the amusement park.



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No format for the modules. I just know there are a lot of them to pack up at end of show. The owner estimates he has about  NZ $40,000 + invested in the layout.The modules were all built by a master model builder. Its amazing when you hop in the middle to operate and see all the rolling stock and loco boxes under the modules. The layout was started about 15yrs ago and has been all over the North Island of New Zealand to shows as well as Scout jamborees. Unfortunately it is only set up for shows and packed away the rest of the time. It was funny that on the last day, a young kid and his parents (Japanese), were watching and commented on Dr Yellow. He had a collection of Tomy trains and a really cool t-Shirt with Dr Yellow on it (B train style)

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With 4014's restoration and return to service a Big Boy pulling Bethgons might be a real possibility.  The UP steam people like to test run the  locomotives with loads before fan trips and I've seen a bunch of pics of 3875 and 844 at the heads of freights over the years.  A Powder River unit train is about the right load for a Big Boy.

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