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NHK World running a show called Train Cruise


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Just click on the downward pointing arrow in the top left corner. ;)

Thanks Darklighter! Got it! Didn't know it was that simple! 



I'm sure people would like the Train Cruise ep airing on 25 January as well. ;)

Ditto that!



Ok should be able to get that one


Thanks in advance The_Wierd_One! 

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Everyone, another episode of this will air six times January 25th starting at 00:10 UTC.  In various times zones, the first showing will be at:


- UK is currently on GMT, which is (basically) the same, I'm sure I don't need to write this, but I didn't want you to think I forgot :grin

- US eastern time: Friday Jan 24th, 7:10 PM

- US pacific time: Friday Jan 24th, 4:10 PM

- BRT, Sao Paulo: Friday Jan 24th, 10:10 PM

- AEST, Sydney: Saturday Jan 25th, 11:10 AM


schedule (be sure to set your timezone): http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/tv/schedule/

show: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/tv/special/train_cruise.html

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Thank you for the reminder Miyakoji san! Will be sure to watch this! Would be nice to be able to download it too for safe keeping and subsequent re-watching ~

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thanks for the reminder miyakoji, set to record on the dvr. seasoning the seasons on crabs is on right now!



Yeah I saw this one yesterday.  Very interesting show.  I particularly liked the sake maker who said how good his product is, took a sip, and smiled.  Heheheh.

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shiawase raichou

Yes, some great scenery on that line through the hills, and nice to see the side-stories like the omikoshi carpentry shop in Takayama.


However, I didn't take to the presenter's style. It's a mystery why NHK feels it should infantilise its content. 

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Yes, the presenter was a bit over-the-top.  Maybe after decades of conducting English classes for kids, that becomes permanent.  I guess what I'd like to see is Peter Barakan do a show like Begin Japanology about railways.


We'll see what next week's episode holds.  I'm definitely interested in the region they'll be covering.  Also, in today's episode, I noticed some scenes in the intro that were not related to Chubu.  I wonder if there will be some episodes in Hokkaido and Wakayama/Osaka.

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And the web stream rip from todays show can be found https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwmfVtyuE_kWZFJvQkFjRldBdUk/edit?usp=sharing - not the greatest rip I must say, lots of static video and for no good apparent reason - my download speed from the streaming server was 600kps so way in excess of what is needed, I can only assume that there were issues with server load on NHK's streaming system.

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Just watched the show. There was also a lot of static video when I was watching it unfortunately, but largely it went fine.

Was pretty interesting, not as much as the 1st ep but was a nice watch.

The Setonaikai series (no trains though) next month also looks promising: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/tv/special/201402.html

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Thanks for recording the show. Since i don't have the bandwidth, i can't stream and this is the only way i can see it. It was a good episode and somehow now i would really like a wide view set, although it's completly outside the region i'm focusing on.  :)

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Thank you for the rip as always The_Wierd_One! Now we can watch it whenever we want to~


I watched it yesterday. Quite interesting, especially the Kiha-85 Hida Wide view which goes to Takayama which brings back fond memories. We did the trip from Nagano to Takayama via the Kiha-85 and it was really interesting ~


Next train cruise features the Sagano Sightseeing train! My sure-go next trip! info here: http://sagano-kanko.co.jp/ 

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Hi all,

I have been trying to find more info about this Train Cruise show, and this thread came up in the search results.


I don't have the facility to share anything this big, but I do have 1920x1080i videos of the two most recent episodes, captured from the direct broadcast on NHK World HD. I have a Linux based satellite receiver, and the files are accessible from my PC. They are currently .TS files, but they can be converted with most video converters. In their current form, the files are just short of 4GB each. The quality is excellent though.


If anyone has the facility to convert and share something this big (although I can convert them too), I am more than happy to drop them on a DVD for them to upload somewhere. I am in the UK (Sunny Manchester), not too far from the_weird_one. So getting them to anyone in this country, is no problem.


I have added screengrabs from the two episodes I have got, so you can see the quality. Screengrabs are about as big as I can host myself though unfortunately.


Feel free to PM me, if you're interested. I just hope they re-show the first two episodes again some time.








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I'm happy converting the .ts files to something more useful for people if you want to send them my way Lee

No problem. If you're happy PM'ing your address, I'll get them in the post to you on Monday... presuming these forums have PMs that is.

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Curtsy of LeeC22


Train Cruise Episode 3 - Exciting Rail Attractions on a 400km Journey - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwmfVtyuE_kWMEx1ODJHdnlaZGc/edit?usp=sharing

Train Cruise Episode 4 - A Fall Trip from Kyoto to the Japan Sea - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwmfVtyuE_kWbVE3V1B5a2xldjQ/edit?usp=sharing


Both are 720p de-interlaced files from 1080i interlaced originals AC3 stereo audio.

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Thank you for sharing those excellent TV Shows the_weird_one :thumbsup:


I missed Episode 1 & 2, any chance of sharing them again? I will look to see if I have any interesting shows to share also.



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