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HS newsletters may be blacklisted


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We had a few members of the club here in DC stop getting HS newsletter emails in the last few weeks to ISPs of yahoo, comcast and verizon. Looks like the service that HS used to send out the newsletters may have had their sending ISP blacklisted. This is a different mail server than all the standard business emails come from HS, so those keep coming, its just the newsletters.


ISPs periodically will use blacklists and at times not be very picky about the ones they use and thus you can get damned for someone elses dirty deeds coming from a mail server. sometimes the blacklist just happens because an auto filter thinks a newsletter is spam and adds it and at other times small bits of header info may be missing or wrong and then that ip address is added to a blacklist.


This is the lazy way to try and block spam, but the ISPs and hosting services dont want to take up the real issue of freezing individual accounts that spam is coming from. a lot of the blacklisting comes from zombie computers, pcs infected and sending out spams. forcing the user to clean their computer would begin to put an end to this form of spam. other volume sources can be easily found as well, but they make money for some folks handling services so they tend to look the other way as well.


I let HS know and they are looking into it, but if you have stopped getting newsletters from HS you might let them know along with what isp the mail is going thru so they can try to get it cleared up (ie off the blacklist).





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