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What is tomix T-car?


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M =  Motorised.

T =  Trailer (non-motorised);

基本 = Main set;

増結 =  Exstention set.

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Does it mean that it looks like the original motor car but the model does not have the engine?


Exactly. ;)


Some people need the extra motor car for inclines, since these type of trains could have 13 car consists. You don't want that on a long and steep incline with only one motor car. Especially when you consider these cars not being the lightest (a friend has a set and I must say that the cars are pretty weighty).

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Hello Mr Sinus,


Please allow me to further assist you with your enquiry regarding T-cars.  I will continue with the example you provided, being the 583 add-on 2-car set.  Firstly, to make the full 13-car consist shown in figure 1 here: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10057441k2/50/2, you would require the following:


Tomix 92326 583 5-Car Set (1, 2, 3, 6, 13)
Tomix 92327 583-Car Add-On Set (10, 11) (Motorised)
Tomix 92328 5832-Car Add-On Set (4, 5) (8,9) (Trailer) 2 x
Tomix 8915 583 Sahane 581 Add-On Car (12)
Tomix 8916 583 SaShi 581 Add-On Car (7)   


92327 and 92328 each contain the same cars, except 92327 is motorised.  The basic set, 92326, also contains a pair of the same cars and one has a motor.  The prototype includes 4 pair of the same cars with different numbers, so the models include transfers containing the various numbers.  It is usual that Tomix models of more than 10 cars include a second motor car, but some of my colleagues refuse to spend the extra money on the second motor car and run the model with a single motor.  For me, I always follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

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