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Tramway - New Releases

Fenway Park

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Just paid HS for the Kyushu B version. Will have to wait for delivery/HMRC ransom.


The B version has the support straps for the side tanks.


Will Kato offer another variant of their C11 in 2019?

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@Fenway Park


I doubt they will. As they already have their Kyoto store limited exclusives (just redresses, with zebra stripes and one with a white stripe), and Micro Ace/Tramway already do all the other ones.

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When Kato first issued their new C11 the poster showed the variant with the tank supports but the model issued was the standard variant.. That’s why I expected they would issue a new version to compete with Tramway.

There are many variants within the C11 class and I was hoping Kato would follow their treatment of the C57, C62 and D51 types. 


Hopefully the the new issues from Tramway will be better than their first attempt but the photos on HS may prove otherwise.



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Acoording to n gauge information, Tramway will introduce a C10. Two numbers offered. Will have the new mechanism fitted to latest batch of C11s.

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What about merging all of these threads to one "Tramway - New Releases" or the "Other Brands - New Releases"?


I am also not familiar with Tramway. Is the reliability on par with tomix/kato? the details seem a bit more coarse than the mainstream models (at least on pictures), what do you think of the models?

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Picked up C11 from Royal Mail. First impressions are that it is not as good as the Kato version. I don’t have the Tomis C11 325 to compare.

The Tramway one is driven on two of the three axles with additional pick ups on the rear bogie. Testing will have to wait until next week.

There are no instructions in the box as to how you dismantle the loco. 

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Photos of C10 and Imperial C11 on N Gauge information. 

Both need better QC and hopefully there will be opportunities to make changes.

The C10 has wobbly foot plates and poor fit of components while the C11 has too thick white and gold lining.

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C10 now available at HS. Their photos appear better than the earlier ones. The body is a better fit at the rear.


Will have to wait for my one to be delivered. 


That’s my last pre order for 2018 and Q1 2019.

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C10 arrived today from HS. Very impressed. Perhaps I have received a good one as the fit of the bunker and the area below appears better than the photos.


I will test it later this week.

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I managed to set up a very basic test track. The C10 ran very well but the Kato C11 is in a different league. It is far quieter. A smooth runner.

My Tramway C11 is in third place of the three but is nowhere near as bad as the first batch. 

The C10 will be an industrial loco as C10 8 and act as my colliery loco. The C11 will be part of the C11 fleet on my JNR Kyushu project.



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I got my C10 and C11s muddled. Sorry.
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Tramway have announced the Kanu 1000/2000/3000 4 wheel car carrying wagons . Available for reserve on HS. 
Also vehicles for these although these look basic. 

A new JNR wagon series to me. 

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This is the first of a range of rare wagons according to the press release. Their use appears restricted to certain areas. 

I may have to invoke Rule 1 to run them in Kyushu.



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HS have added more information on their web site. This includes the area the various types worked and the vehicle manufacturer, Toyota, Daihatsu and Mitsubishi that used these wagons. KUMU 1000 for Toyota, KUMU 2000 for Daihatsu and KUMU 3000 for Mitsubishi. 

According to HS the KUMU 3000 were used on the Sanyo Line and into Kyushu. So one set ordered.

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