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Hello Nariichi-san,


Im interested in the Kato 10-189 if its still available. Kindly send me the particulars thru email. 





Hello Mardon,


Message sent.



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Now listing lots of item on sale.

They came from a model shop which is going out of business and took over some inventory.

Offering 40% or more from list price.  Sorry as there are so many item to list, item doesn't have images but they are all new and can be searched with vendor and its model number.

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Will you be updating them with pictures soon? Though, I used google to search and could see them just fine.



Good prices nonetheless!



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yes i had to hold back the purchase finger, some tempting ones there at killer prices but i need to keep from buying more trains (well unless one of them puts a gun to my head like some do...).


always have the good old HS catalog!



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Took advantage of the wonderful sale and got for myself a 200 series shinkansen! Thanks Takayama san!


I have to say, quick response in sending the item; being closing the sale on Sun and sending out the item on Mon! Very nice! Packing is good and parcel is relatively cheap to send with tracking to see. 


Overall great experience with Modeltrainplus and will definitely recommend! Thumbs up and thanks Takayama san!


Can't wait for the next round of sales! Check out pictures of my new 200 series in the 'what did your post deliver...' thread! 

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More of super sale item available.
It will take time to list all the item, so I have prepared a simple list with offering price here (pdf file will open).  Please feel free to contact for any item interested.  I am sorry but some of the item is already sold out.

Also, 100 Yen container still available.

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Thanks Centno4 for having the weblink to modeltrainplus and the the staff of Modeltrainplus, I got my package of the Tomix JRF containers today already added to the wagons. Now might be looking at buying more 

Sarah Brennan-Dunn

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Received my second parcel from Nartak san~ 


Very professionally packed, and response time is lighting quick! Invoiced on 22nd, payment on 23rd and sent out to post on the same day! If not for the Customs, i could have my trains before Christmas! 


Thanks to Modeltrainplus, and the super sale is too good to pass! 

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I thought the super sale pile went down fast there, now I see why jr500! Jeff


Yap Jeff ~ The prices on the E2-1000 Hayate and the Cassiopeia was too good to pass, that's why. They wan't actually on my wants list but rather my wish list, but the prices are way too attractive to miss. I added in the E5 since i'm getting them so can combined some more shipping to save ~


The sale is delicious, just wanting to see more even attractive items to come out! 

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yeah ive been buying fewer trains these days as i have plenty to play with but nariichi just twisted my arm a few times... :evil4:



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Lots of new item listed.
Please check New Arrival category to browse them.

Already added some ARU Model stuff and we take orders if not listed.  

Restocked Tsugawa motorized chassis (now all 3 type in stock).

We will give a free container with a purchase of TOMIX container wagon.  The container is same with 100 Yen container.  Please check information and eligible item at announcement on top page.  This is for first 10 customers.

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Martijn Meerts

I definitely need to try some of those ARU model kits at some point.. Just need to get through my backlog of other kits =)

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Hello Mr Nartak,


Thank you for the personal message.  I have not heard of Kato selling direct in this manner.  The items you have obtained do not even appear on wholesaler stock list or Kato website stock list.  Can you confirm goods are brand new?  Also, normal warranty apply?


I shall ask my regular supplier about such events.

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Hi E6系 san,

The event is hosted by Hobby Center Kato to clear out their overstocked or whatever item directly to consumer.  So this is a totally different thing from ordinary wholesaler channel distribution.

Goods are brand new.  However as those item is sold as outlet with lower than usual price, normal warranty is not applicable but all of them are tested before purchase.  I actually put disclaimer (no return, exchange, etc) at category top to inform customer.

Hope this clears your concern.

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Hi Ochanomizu-san,

Maybe there is a gap on understanding of the term....  My understanding is they do repair as a part of warranty.  But the warranty term is not specifically stated by those manufacturer so the handling is different case by case basis.  So if the hardware is DOA or something we just call up Kato, Tomix or those manufacturer.  If the item is purchased from retailer and something with hardware defect, they offer repair with free of charge.  If they are purchased as used or whatever, customer needs to pay for the repair.

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OOOOOHHH thanks shinkansen chopsticks and pens at japanese street price! wonderful. i have some of these but to buy them outside japan they have been like 2-3x the japanese street price! You're the best nariichi!





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Check out this super rare Tomytec buses that Model Train Plus has to offer:




The Tokyu Bus Special set, not sold elsewhere! Perfect for bus lovers like myself! Grab them while they're still available!


* Side note the super sale items are still available and some of them are quite good to grab at those smashing prices! *

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