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Tomytec Building Collection


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I was wondering if any one had the 164 thin hotel building. I was thinking about getting 2 and positioning them in an 'L' shape.

But was worrying about the window overlap.


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That's perfect. Thank you. I'm looking at the configuration as in the last picture. Although I forgot about the balconies:D if its standard clip together affair. I might swap the ends round. 

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I wonder what the floor plans of these buildings look like. Very long skinny apartments! I guess small elevator and stairwell in the big end.



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Yeah I’d say that but with all the strange buildings in japan I wouldn’t want to bet on it. Favorite saying there’s a prototype for everything in Japan!



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Oh. I didn't realise they were wedge shaped. That didn't look obvious I  the promo pics on hobbysearch.

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7 hours ago, Drunkenclam said:

That's perfect. Thank you. I'm looking at the configuration as in the last picture. Although I forgot about the balconies:D if its standard clip together affair. I might swap the ends round. 


If I remember correctly the clips are located in such a way that only one way of assembling in possible using them. But you can of course ignore them and assemble the building by some other method.


The clips aren't good anyway, as they don't hold the bulding together properly without showing cracks (which should be obvious during a closer inspection of my photos).

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I just put together this "abandoned warehouse". I though it would be simple, but it was actually a tad difficult, due to precise fittings that you have to make with ever so slightly warped pieces.


I'm not sure why I bought this, as I don't have any purpose for it. Something I didn't realize from the picture is that it's absolutely giant. Big enough to be an aircraft hanger. I stuck it randomly at the end of my improvised layout. It may be useful later as parts for a kit-bash "building under construction".







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After seeing the new Tomix building announcement this week, I really like the window cleaning equipment that’s part of the new building. So I CAD’ed something up and printed a set for my existing building...



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10 hours ago, Bob Martin said:

So I CAD’ed something up and printed a set for my existing building...


OMG awsome! I have several of the old ones, are you willing to share the Files, I would love to print these as well! These absolutely are worth money like Jeff said!

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Finally got around to putting my Shinto shrine #2 kit together. 010-2


The kit comes with 3 bases which were all at different levels of bowing. I mounted the bases on some 5mm foam board. This makes the whole structure moveable when I eventually have space for a layout as well as brings the height up to the same as the tomytec bus roads.


I wasn’t enamoured with the colour of the bases, a bit too yellow, nor the large gaps between the slightly bevelled base plates. For the paths I used some thin plastic card to replicate the metal grates that cover the drainage channels and then covered the whole of the base with ballast to replicate gravel. Most of the shrines in my area have this kind of ground cover. As I only had grey ballast, I toned it back a little with some sandy coloured paint wash to give a dusty sand, grey. This also helped to blend with the foundation edges of the building that you could still see some of the yellow base colour on. 


It’s a really nice kit and the level of detail on the lacquered fences around the shrine building is very intricate in places. It does really need to be glued together as a lot of the tabs and recesses to push fit, have a lot of play in them and fall out easily. 





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Nice. Years ago with my first gen version of this set I was also bit disappointed with the gravel texture. I looked some ballast spread and it really said gravel from a distance, but didn’t get to gluing it down.

Later, in a hurry for a show I glued about 70 figures onto the shrine like a festival was happening (we use to have this shrine next to a closed off street on the street cad 25mm Ttrak with a street festival). A bit later I put some ballast down to finish off the scene but realized that with people next to it the gravel looked huge, not the 2cm or less stuff that would be there usually. I tried some finer sands I had and they looked much better up close with the figures but they don’t say gravel to the eye from a couple of feet or more. One of those things like side walks we are use to looking at up close (ie at scale less than a foot away) but mostly we look at the layout at a few feet or more so more like 500’ away in real life. It’s a toss up as one way looks right to the minds eye but not the other way and at times hard to cheat on both. I kid of put it aside but need to go back and see if if there is some happy medium of blending colors of finer sands might stove the visual effect of gravel at a distance, while not being softball or larger sized scale…


thinking mixing white and tan or white and gray at some different ratios to see if that can give some better texture data to the eye from a distance wirh more prototype sized gravel.





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Thanks for the input. This is fine ballast but as you say, with figures next to it, it may look too big. I’m hoping the eye passes over the texture rather than focusses on individual grains. The are probably a few clumps here and there that need some tidying up to smooth out the cover for a flatter looking surface.




Managed to find some shrine people. To my eye, if I focus on the ground cover, yes the individual grains are too large but the eye tends to be drawn to the figures so the eye, my eye anyway, brushes over the surrounding scatter. As it’s a similar but lighter colour to the paving, I think it works ok. 


It would be nice to hear what others think.


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I have recently procured 2 more of the Tomytec coaling towers.


The newest release is a darker, more heavily weathered version with some dry brushed rust and fading on the roof, with the frame work also receiving a rusty wash colour. The newest release does not have the base pre-glued which makes things a little easier. 


I also found an older version in a small hobby store collecting dust, came with some 10 year Tomytec DC stickers from 2013. Despite the yellowing box, the model was in good condition and the same colour as my initial purchase. 


The idea is to kitbash some kind of limestone facility, either as a small diorama which may later be added to a layout, or a smallish module that could also be added to something bigger in future. Something slightly overgrown and less used like Shigeyasu in Yamaguchi prefecture. Now disused. 



I will need some other buildings too, considering other Tomytec options or even perhaps modifying a Walthers kit. 


This may be a slow burn project, or something I create to piece together for temporary setups for now. 


Everything will need painting the same colour, especially toning down the upright tanks and making it all look well used. One idea is to create a larger conveyer housing from some corrugated plasticard, similar to that seen in the video but this may have to wait for a proper layout build, perhaps with a rural mountainside station. 


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Tomix/ Tomytec do love to vary colours between releases (having spent most of my discretionay time this weekend unifying two variants of the same Tomix structure from very different production eras). Mainly not a bad thing though, IMHO.

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