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kakuice's N gauge movies


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but at 0:16 there are two trains, one gray and blue coaches and the other one orange pulled by a diesel engine...

Where it's possible to find these models?

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Those are Taiwanese trains. The Taiwanese railway system is quite interesting actually. It was mostly built by the Japanese hence you can see many resemblances to the Japanese train system. The Dutch television once had a program about the Taiwanese railway system (maybe the only interesting tv program I've seen so far on the Dutch television :P) and they said that the Japanese "shippatsu shinkou" is done in Taiwan too, although not in Japanese of course. The rail width is also 1067mm, and even nowadays there are a lot of Japanese trains running on the Taiwanese railways. (JR Kyushu 885 series derived express, 700 series shinkansen, etc.)

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Those Taiwanese model trains are made by Touch Rail. They are pretty hard to find for sale, the only place I have come accross them is in the train shop in Taipei main station. And they are also quite expensive.

I have had the pleasure to travel on the Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T.

Some of the smaller lines in Taiwan were built by the Japanese and a few have very old small wooden stations built around the 1890s.


Outside Taipei station there is on static display a narrow gauge steam locomotive LDK 58 built by Hitachi in 1930 and also a DMU LDR2201. I would guess the DMU is Japanese built also, does anyone know what it is? I would like to know more.


Here are some photographs I took .....






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