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JR 500系

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5 minutes ago, EdF said:

You might still be able to find the Toei buses they just released.  Toei is the city bus system.


I have them. Those are my only non-novelty buses. 

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1 hour ago, Cat said:

Hmm, a fair amount of Kanto region in stock, some must wander the streets of Tokyo:


Yes, but Kanto is a pretty huge region. I'm too ignorant to understand nuances within it. Many of these look like private tour buses. I'm looking for public transport vehicles. 

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4 minutes ago, gavino200 said:


Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. I travelled on a few of those when I was there.  I'll look for some of those. 


Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation goes by Toei, for buses, subway and tram.


Keio and Nishi Tokyo run local buses in western Tokyo also.

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1 hour ago, Kamome said:

Tomytec produced a range of generic regional buses. For Tokyo the green and orange one, 2nd from the top.



That's labelled as a Toei (Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation) Isuzu "Eruga" (?) belonging to the "Kita Depot" (北自動車営業所), so not exactly generic.


In the Tokyo area, as a general rule of thumb, Toei serves mainly the area within the Yamanote Line, as well as the area to the east of it and a few other places where there are no private operators. Outside of that, bus services are mainly provided by the dominant railway company, and/or a couple of large independent operators (Kanto Bus, Kokusai Kogyo etc.). So as previous posters have mentioned, for the Ebisu area, Toei and Tokyu buses would be an appropriate mix.


(AFAIK JR East doesn't operate any local buses, at least in Tokyo, so the respective "regional" companies have routes running to JR stations; for example Kichijoji is served on the north side by Seibu Bus, on the south side by Keio, and possibly Odakyu).

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7 hours ago, railsquid said:

That's labelled as a Toei (Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation) Isuzu "Eruga" (?) belonging to the "Kita Depot" (北自動車営業所), so not exactly generic

Well perhaps "generic" is the wrong word but the range covers the main major cities. I'm sure I will now get wrapped with a full explanation of the the subtle differences in Toei buses from @JR 500系 for my obvious lack of bus knowledge.😂 They all look green and orange to me. 

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14 hours ago, gavino200 said:

JR, I have a bus question, so I figured who better to ask than you. I was looking through my bus collection and I realized that almost all of my buses are novelty busses. I'd like to pick up some "regular" busses. What would be a roughly contemporary "regular" Tokyo bus? My reference point within Tokyo is Ebisu for no good reason other than that that's where I stayed when I visited. But I guess anywhere in Tokyo would be fine. Do Tomytec even release "regular" busses? Can I wait for a release or should I actively track them down from previous releases?


Hi Gavin, i reckon by 'regular' buses you meant regular route based buses? For Tokyo and greater Tokyo, there's Keio, Keisei, Kokusai Kogyu, Tokyu, Seibu, Nishi Tokyo, Kanto and of course Toei (my fav) just to name a few... Quite interestingly, there seem to be a rotary in front of Ebisu station and we can see Toei and Tokyu buses there:




As for models, i feel that Bus collection 9 has 4 models of Tokyo related buses:




Otherwise, the most recent Toei bus collectio has quite a fair number of Toei buses ~

Then there is the all island bus series which has the first JB01 as a Toei bus...  


Not sure if i helped at all 😛



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Thanks for the advice guys and gals. These are what I got. They just arrived. I'll pick up a Tokyu bus sometime if I see a modern one. 





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3 hours ago, gavino200 said:


Wow! That's awesome!!!


Thanks! There is also an older livery of Toei buses which is also rather nice , but i believe is being retired and getting increasingly difficult to catch on the roads now....


I'm also waiting for Tomytec to release Toei's fuel cell bus!




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13 hours ago, bill937ca said:

Kanto Bus Hawk 04 system 3 door car B300 8 door opening and closing scene



I think this bus was made into a model by Tomytec  Any idea why this bus was so special to receive a model made after it? I mean, i do see quite a number of 3-door buses (even those by Kanto bus) around...



Yet only the 3008 was made into a model ~


Being a 3-door bus, seating capacity seems to have been reduced to accomodate the doors:



These 3-door buses are pretty interesting indeed~~

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Time to look at one of the most recent bus collection from Tomytec, the Aero King coach buses!




Let's take a look at the individually sold bus sets, all 6 of them




From LEft to right - Premium Eco Dream, Premium Dream, Nara Kotsu Yamato Go, Shikoku Bus Dream, Tochinoki Go & Hakata Go 






These double decker coaches are really nice!!! 






And now for the 6-bus set. Look, even the box is a double decker coach bus, aint it cute!!!




The top of the individual box 




Each individual box is NOT labelled, meaning you wouldnt know what bus is in them till you open it...






Even the individual box is a mini double decker coach! REALLY neat!




All six of them, VERY identical to the ones above, with minute differences:

From LEft to right - Premium Eco Dream, Premium Dream, Nara Kotsu Yamato Go, Shikoku Bus Dream, Tochinoki Go & Hakata Go 






Can you already spot the differences? 






An individual comparison for each one, with the individual ones on top and the box set ones below, here is the Premium ECO dream 






This is the Premium Dream






An amost identical Nara Kotsu Yamato Go, except for the destination plate 






The most obvious difference of them all, in two different colour shades 






Another almost identical Tochinoki Go, with the only difference the destination board 






Really love the banner on the box set one!


Would you get all of them for the above differences?   😛

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Yo dawg, I heard you like busses. So we put a bus into a bus into a bus so you have a bus in a bus in a bus. 😄

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Omg my dose of busses for the month, I just kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling! 😜



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Simply addictive to me! 


*It seems there is also quite a large fan base for buses ~ Maybe almost as much as train fans? 

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