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N-Scale modeling stop motion


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So I posted in this forum a couple of years ago seeking advice on a shinkansen layout. Got a lot of great feedback and went and built a nice layout (12' x 5'). I had to disassemble and reassemble for a move and took that opportunity to put the layout on foam board and also shoot a stop motion video!


Thanks for all your help and as this layout continues to evolve, I will continue to come to this forum for help and advice!


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hey great stuff, very fun video! looks like you are having a lot of fun, thats great! great you were able to move the layout so easily, moves often kill layouts!


keep on posting your progress always fun and stimulating to watch the evolutions in process!





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Very nice video. The sound track works well for the frenetic pace of the stop-motion. And a nice collection of Shinkansen you have there.


Definitely ask if you have questions, but I'll also suggest starting a thread on the Personal Projects board to tell us what you've done and what you're planning.  It's always inspirational for us to see what other people are doing, even if you only post something once or twice a year (lots of others post infrequently; once they get to a certain point, layouts don't tend to change much week to week).

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Very nice video! Thanks for sharing!


First up, i envy your basement, it's so large!!!


Nice layout! Can i ask if you are running DCC? Looks that way judging from how the shinkansens take off... Unless of course that is done via stop-motion...


Fantastic piece of hard work video editting the tons of photos for this stop-motion video ~ Appreciate your sharing and looking forward to more of your layout! Cheers!

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Thanks guys - Yes, it was a lot of fun putting it together and I wanted to share it with you folks. I visited Japan in 2008 and I wanted to capture all the Shinkansens that I rode while I was there, it was a golden age of varied trainsets in 2008, now everything on the tokaido-sanyo shinkansen is either a 700 series or N700.


JR500 - No DCC, but I may go down that route in the future.


I will start a post in the personal projects, good advice!

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I think I still got to ride one of each with the exception of the new hayabusa when I was there this spring, but I rode a few more legs than just the tokaido line.

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Very fascinating!  Do you have straights between your S-turns?  If not, what radii are you using on your most inside track, and do your shinkansen have any trouble at higher speeds around the S's?

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Venture - Here is my layout, that should give you a better idea. Thanks for your comments!


I can get both Tomix and Kato shinkansens at max speed on the whole layout (except station turnouts) no problem.



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