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Keio Hashimoto in 1990, JNR Sagami Line in 1984


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Uploader of these is, I assume, the Sagamihara municipal government.  This is their 'town info' kind of thing from April 15, 1990.  Coverage of the then-new Hashimoto Station starts at 2:33.  Waiting rooms were non-smoking from the beginning, seems quite forward-thinking to me.



In another episode of this, from November 1984, locations along the then-JNR, then-unelectrified Sagami Line are featured.  At the time, the line had KIHA 35s, tablet safeworking, and apparently some manual and spring switches.


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The second video was lovely, such an amazing calm atmosphere. I just love that Japanese countryside diesel lines. The middle school students interviewing the station master was cute too!

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Nice to see something old from my soon-to-be permanent residence, though it's all about the Chūō-ku, not the Minami-ku where I now live. The atmosphere of the Sakura festival remains pretty much the same, though this year was pretty much ruined by rain.

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