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Kato C62 Disassembly


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I have a Kato C62 that I bought second hand with a new loco shell and tender on the way courtesy of Hobby Search.  I intend to swap the tender and loco shell to change it to a Hokkaido version (and avoid the poor modification job by the previous owner).  It runs properly so I don't need to play around with the running gear.  How do I disassemble the locomotive unit to swap the shell over?  Also how do I disassemble the tender (is it bogies only)?


Matt M

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I managed to disassemble the loco and reassemble with the replacement engine unit shell and tender.  No help required any more. Matt M

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Can you share with me how you did it. I have one that I bought and want to try to add DCC. But, it's discouraging when I can't figure how to get it apart with out damaging it.


Lou La Salle

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First time on JNS, found this link in a forlorn hope to assist me with my issue.  Unfortunately I don't expect this information to be any assistance with the passage of time, but it may help others.


Bought my DOA N Scale Kato C62 through Zen Market.   As I could not find anything online, I experimented (causing a slight crack to the front of the shell), so this should help those working on an original 203 model as well as giving others ideas regarding more later production models.


After removing the tender together with the lead and trailing bogie by removing and replacing the screws on the gear plate, I then removed the piston housing.


The cabin at the rear has the standard Kato nodules that you lift clear to enable you to tilt the cabin up, however the front boiler section of the shell is the tricky part.


The split metal housing has a slightly smaller extension that is nearly the full circumference of the front of the plastic boiler shell.  You need to use a very small screw driver inserted up into the point where you can see a small gap between the visible part of the metal housing and plastic shell (hence the complete removal of the separate piston hosing).


Using the screw driver, gently pry the plastic shell and metal housing apart, and the shell and metal housing should slide apart.  Take care that there are two additional nodules on the front of the metal housing that slide away from the front coupler plate.


In the photo below (best I can do), the metal housing in the top left is the one to watch for.  Above and to the right of the gears is a block, with the circular insert in question at the front.


Looks like the unit is still dead.  The motor is fine but thrust block gear is not meshing with the intermediate gear, so nothing is getting through to the drive gears.  Will keep trying or keep the unit for spare parts.











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To me this is the ultimate guide to Japanese N scale steam locomotives. Translate with Google Translate or similar.




There is a two part article on the disassembly of the C62.  Note there is information for the old Kato C62 and the new Kato C62.  There are arrows pointing to extra pages at the bottom of the page.







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