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Greenmax Structures Universal Usage


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     I was recently looking at Greenmax structures on HS for their potential usage/compatability with Kato/Tomix Track and Structures.  In particular I was looking at the following items:


Greenmax Item Nr.

2138   Paved Road Set;

2155   Tram Car Station;

2153   Rail Crossing;

30       Station Over Parking Lot;

29       Station (middle size);

28       One-sided Platform;

27       Small Station;

15       Platform (City Type); and

16       Platform (Local Type).


     Was wondering if anyone has used these structures with Kato/Tomix track and structures and if they are compatible.  Particularly height and width when combining with other makers track.  Would hate to purchase some and discover they did not play well together.  Any information would be appreciated.



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For platforms you could look at the spacing of the tracks and the platforms sizes of the Kato or Tomix platforms. I think there's a high chance you may have to put something below the platforms to get to Unitrack height, but there should be enough space to put some cardboard between two tracks for example.

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2153 has a 33mm track center so it goes with Kato.

2138 is a sidewalk set.

2155 is a tram stop set.  As it would be outside the rails it can be used with either.


15, 16, 27, 28, 29, 30 are old numbers which would now have 2100 series numbers.


27 is now 2155 and as far as I see can be used with either track.

28 is now 2131 and as this is a platform at the side of the tracks its not an issue.  Both Kato and  Tomix are roadbed tracks so there should not be height issues.


I see Greenmax structures used with Kato and Tomix buildings all the time. There is no difference in size, they are all 1/150.


For a more complete list of new Greenmax numbers see here. There are a few numbers I haven't accounted for but not many.



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