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The Amherst Show At The Big E


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Now expanded to 450,000 SF of vendors and layouts, some as large as 8.5 linear miles in HO scale. A fun morning there for me.


At least two of us on this forum were there today. Kudos to Bernie Kritzer of National Capital Trains (Springfield, VA., www.nationalcapitaltrains.com) for arriving with an impressive amount of Japanese stock in N scale (as well as a full line-up of Kato track products). Good pricing, I left with a Kato E6 7-car set and an 8-car Taki 43000 set.


Only one other vendor had "new" Kato stock of Japanese train consists, attractively priced for the US if you didn't know the online market in Japan. A third vendor had some Kato and Tomix second-hand sets acquired in an estate sale, but overpriced. Two or three vendors had some miscellaneous Japanese stock, but nothing particularly exciting.


Kato USA had representatives there as well.

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