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E7 / W7 Shinkansen unveiled!!!!


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gran class doesn't mean skipping every station though.


Would be limiting the passengers to major stops only.


probably have different service names but with different scheduled stops


guess we will have to wait and see what happens

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You want the newest trainsets on the fastest services, to attract the premium/business clientele.  Everyone else that wants to take the granclass but lives in podunk can take an E2 from their station, and transfer at a bigger station to a E7/W7 service.

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JR East and West ordered a combined 27 sets of the W7/E7. The shortest travel from Tokyo to Kanazawa is planned to be around 2 1/2 hrs. So there we be plenty of opportunities to catch one of those sets and gran class. http://www.railwaygazette.com/news/passenger/single-view/view/hokuriku-shinkansen-high-speed-train-design-revealed.html


What also comes to my mind is how wonderful life is for japanese model train makers. Shinakansen models are cash cows and people like me just HAVE TO HAVE at least one JR East and one JR West version of the model. I can't wait to see which manufacturer gets to rights first and from whom. If the recent history is any indication I guess Kato gets the East version first (they where first to market the E5 shinkansen, the new narita express and E657 hitachi sets). Tomix got the N700-8000 and -7000.... we'll see!

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Just like you Nozomi, I would like to get both JRW and JRE versions of the W7/E7 (or vice versa) so it can join with my Shinkansen stock. It is still a question would KATO be releasing the E6 on the same month as the E6 makes it's revenue service run just like the E5?

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