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i got a wild maus!


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well i broke down and got a faller wild maus at a good price on ebay! its the 20th anniversary version so it has all the extra lighting. even though its ho ive loved watching these run! plan is to see about turning it into an n scale coaster thats is 3 abreast and maybe 4 rows. if i can ever do my little japanese amusement part this would be the center piece with everything else crammed around and under it. just looks like too much fun to play with anyway!



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i will!


have you seen this guy's site? nice pictures of assembly of most of the ho amusement park kits out there. very nice if you want to make your own as you can see how the internal working of many of them work so you can try and come up with your own!





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it just showed up in the post. WOW is it a lot of parts! huge box full of sprues and small baggies of parts. going to be a bit of work to do.


Hoping i can convert the cars to 3 or 4 abreast seating and i can change the entry way stuff to n scale heights to make this a bigger N scale roller coaster. just looks like great fun! this is going to take some time to build. glad I lurked for a long time to get the 20th anniversary edition at a good price. the few places that still have it are over $200 now.


only worry is if i have this in a dense small amusement park it might overwhelm the rest of the rides. but it was just toooo cool to pass up.



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