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Class B1 LNER Green 4-6-0 Locomotive 1234


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ordered the dapol version of this.


Hopefully i have better luck than with graham farish recent model i acquired (btw i sent it back for warranty) after a week it started stopping and starting.


anyway After my last 2 pre orders from HS i plan on getting some coaches for these models.


will post pics and mini review once received.

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I received this today!


I just spent the last 2 hours watching it run and doing other things since i come home to find the whole family already asleep at 8:30 pm >.<


So the instructions that come with the model are much better than graham farish.


I'll start by comparing this to my recent farish model but not bein biased towards the fact it was a dud and is now with farish being repaired/replaced.... Which i did not comment on at the end as i do beleive it was just a unlucky one as i have read many posts of happy customers.



Now To compare the instructions first off as i beleive instructions are very important for models and find all japanese manufacturers besides GM and MA as they have a return for repair policy on their completed models are rather thorough for most models.



To Start and i have included a picture. Dapol recommend oiling the motion points and gears as a MUST! As the oil from manufacturing will likely last a limited time. I see no problem with this and they have made it rather easy to do so, In fact so easy it took me more time to find my oil than to apply it.


It also includes clear instructions on how to do this in pics and the dcc instructions are easy to understand and follow with out a picture.


Comparing to Farish instructions. 

The Farish instructions had a generic loco picture and a generic decoder install instruction (the model did not really match up to the picture)

Also the only suggestion they gave was to run for 30 mins each direction and a small you may want to lube buy bachman's one.

No intructions on how to do so btw.


Now to the model.

Detail- The detail is pretty good but compared to the similar model Farish do it is a little less detailed.


Particularily on the tank however the tender detail is much better mainly because the coal on the farish models has been terrible and this looks better (still i think sprinkling some on may look much better).


Running -

Well first off let me say this is my first model with a drive shaft going from the tender into the tank wher the gears are.


It runs good though see video. It has no traction tyres (2 rubbers come included in the box to install) However as per video it managed to pull 3 carriages up my 4.5%~ incline with only a little slipping.

I think it could get a 4th carriage if i am lucky with out the rubbers.


My farish BTW had trouble with 1 carriage no rubbers I might mention that in real life that model should be pulling many more  :laugh:

Though i may change this comment pending the return of a working one it may run better who knows.


Back to the Dapol, It is noisy even after the lubing. However it's not as noisy as a green max model and it may get better with some run in.


Other inclusions -


Some Knuckle couplers x 3 2 short 1 long.

Some spare wire links for some of the pickups.

What looks to be a spare drive shaft but instructions do not mention what it is for.







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Martijn Meerts

It looks real nice.. Also, I hope for your sake you never have to do anything with the drive rods, because that looks like a complicated system =)

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me and you would both know that now thanks to world kougei.


I'm really considering the comming soon dapol a4 mallard 4-6-2

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Something that jumped out at me from the profile photo was the phillips head screws holdng the rods on, maybe just because they are blackened and the rods are shiny bare metal. A bit of weathering might improve the looks of the running gear.

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The instructions are of interest to me.  I've never seen a manufacturer recommend pre-oiling and run-in times before.  They even suggest that the oil will last around 30 hours of operation.  I think this is good advice from Dapol.  I've always thought that running-in was actually wearing-out.  I once asked here if there was any evidence from a manufacture about oiling and running-in and was met with silence.  In the absence of such advice I generally don't oil or run in my trains, but then, I don't have any steamers.


Just to be sure: do Kato, Tomix, MA or GA actually recommend running-in and oiling?  If so, where can I read about this?





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Realline do though their instructions talk as though you are a pro modeller.


with no pics, Also i had squeaking on my realline as i have used it quite a bit a touch of oil worked well on the rods etc.


I'm not too sure if kato MA or tomix do though i mainly only read the part about how to remove install bits.


Though i doubt they do as most only recommenr cleaning the wheels on a regular basis.


Maybe they assume people know what to do.

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