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nice modules. i too like what you did with the rock spraypaint! gives the effect of cut earth of a cutaway diagram!


keep us posted with the module progress  and more picts.



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Yes, I really like the stone-color fronts.  It's very different from the usual dark paint most of us use, but it looks "right", as if the ground were cut away to show the bedrock.


And the detail on the modules is very well done.


Edit: typo.

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thats been a recurring point about what should be done with module faces. the big ttrak thing is paint it black it will disappear! NOT. The minds eye does not work that way. The module sides becomes a frame so it has to look right to what the mind's eye expects, it needs to contain the eye and say the world stops here gently without distracting or calling too much attention to itself. something with nice wood grain or nice color (very tricky) will register as a visual frame to the minds eye then it ignores it and focuses on the scene. if it sees a blank black or brown, negative space area (negative space can really be a very strong subconscious attractor) it tends to lock onto it and wonder why there is all of a sudden negative space nestled right along the edge of the realistic scene you are trying to get the viewer to focus on. in real life we dont see scenes sliced out of reality and hung in blank space.


the rock face is another cleaver way to get the minds eye to quickly let the frame go and accept it -- as ken said the cutaway rock and earth slice just look "right" to the minds eye, it accepts it and moves on to stay in the scene. grays are also much more neutral so they dont tend to carve out a negative space visually but also dont scream a color -- thus why they are called neutral. when i use to do a lot of exhibit models we always used the gray chipboard for all the surrounding structural elements and only prettied up the little part we were looking at. the medium gray of the chipboard was perfect for this as it totally surrounded the little scene we were trying to look at w/o distraction or turning it into negative space.





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Wow the rock face looks stunning! and the weathering effect done on the tracks is great! I need to take some lessons from you!

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Martijn Meerts
Hello Martijn,

It is a color with stone pigments, have a look at this link.


First you must paint it in white coat, then i use a foam roller for the stone color, but you can also paint it with a brush.

I see that you from the Netherlands, are you going to the Intermodellbau in Dortmund  ?

I will go to Dortmund on the 11.04. may be we can meet us there.

Bye JGSDF ( Michael )


Thanks, I'm gonna have to have a look at that once I get to the point where I need to paint my modules (in about a million years ;))


Not sure if I'm going to Dortmund. Been there a couple of times in the past, but that's a long time ago. Might be interesting going there again ..

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