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Papercraft Models & Textures

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Wow! Could you share the 7-11 floor tiles? I really would like to add them to my konbini.



Sure thing, here you go..........





It should print to 2.25" x 11.5" 

If you need it bigger, just multiply the jpeg file in photoshop.



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these are at about 5mm squares so thats about 2.5' squares scale, so about most side walk squares. if you want smaller just reduce on your printer dialog to the desired square size.


one thing with patterns like this its one of those minds eye things. at normal layout viewing distances you would not really see much of many patterns, but at times you can exaggerate them some to make them more visible than they would be in real life scene, but this pop can sometimes then make the minds eye "get" the scene better and fills in its own pattern really (from your memory) in the minds eye. w/o doing this the minds eye sometimes does not really grab onto the scene and perceives it as flat or lacking. Part of this is that we normally view our models and layouts at pretty large scale distances than we are usually interact or really look at similar things and scenes in real life.



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Here's the original scalescene file. I converted the pdf to jpeg so I can post it here. Its the sidewalk part of the scalescenes city block building. There's also some carpet flooring there if you wanna use it .

But as Jeff suggested, you can manipulate the files further to your liking and preference using photoshop. Do let me know if you need more files.






Edit:  I took off the whole page since it s a commercial product. The above flooring is still the actual.

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New coastal feeder cargo ship from scale scenes




and containers




we did a block of small contianers that were just scanned and scanned and printed out in a larger block (try keeping a stack of 12d containers nicely stacked w.o some blue tack!). Really works well past a couple of feet. These containers are a lot more detailed than what we did.



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Reporting back having tried a print...


I think they're roughly O scale. The 20' container I tried has come out filling a sheet of A4! Need to work out what to scale it down by and try again.

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It did have "fill page" set by default, tried "fit to page" instead and got pretty much the same result! Then tried telling it the printer was loaded with index cards and got a roughly HO scale container. Suspect using an actual PC instead of printing from my phone might help, I can't find how to set a custom paper size to force it to print smaller.


If anyone figures it out then this could be a good way to make a cheap container stack for a yard.

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On a similar note, the BBC did a special report back in 2012 around shipping containers called 'The Box'.


They painted up a container and tracked it around the world. It was a very interesting report.




One thing they did do was provide a pdf for the container - which included sizing instructions for various scales. I had one, and sized it accordingly to N gauge. I still have it on a Tomix Koki. Link to the original article is above - the pdf link is on the top right-hand side.


I'll see if I can dig a photo out.

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You probably don’t want fill page checked either, you want it to print at its native resolution which I’m guessing is n scale. But you can usually scale prints by filling in the scale box with a percentage to get it to the proper size.


try it with the fit to page and fill page unchecked.



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Two links to some scenery kits, which were specifically designed for Tsugawa's ready-to-run A4-sized diorama base.

They stem from a cooperation of Tsugawa, Brother, and W2Studio (the graphiscs studio who did the actual kit design):


N, 1/150 scale (buildings, accessories):


H0e, 1/87 scale (buildings, rail cars):



There's also a two-part report on that cooperation, which has some more pictures of the completed layout at

https://www.brother.co.jp/product/printer/home/magazine/kiji157/index.aspx and




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Love the visit to the twg office. Interesting they make their own dies! 


Need to model their nondescript office!





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Great! Thanks Michi! Those are great for folks to either grade up for final buildings (especially in z) or just tape together wick to mock things up fast for scene ideas or if funds are really limited starting out!



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Mr Sanda Sakamoto offers Buildings of his own design for free on http://paper-n.sakura.ne.jp/ - scale is N scale and fits 1/144 to 1/160.

He has also done a few buses and cars, and there's pretty permanently one kit available that contains a car, too.


There are always about ten models online under "Open", and you can have a peek at what's probably to be expected under "Next?".

Needless to say that you can have a look from the far at all you've missed under "Closed"!


Finally, you can also follow Mr.Sakamoto on Twitter for his very latest developments.


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Thanks, I Keep forgetting to keep revisiting for new stuff there! Too bad the closed stuff isn’t around nice stuff. I’ve used these in the past as fast tape togethers to play with as they assemble easily and many are the type/size/shape of many Tomytec and greenmax buildings.



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Martijn Meerts

Not sure I have enough paper to print all that 😄


And well, don't have a functional colour printer at the moment anyway ...

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