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General Pershing 2-8-0 french steamer


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I'm not sure to be in the appropriate section: moderator will change if necessary!


My personnel project now uses a MicroAce 9600 steamer chassis and two 9800 tenders (I 'm looking for shells, see the "wanted" in classified section), in order to build an american steamer. It was shipped by Baldwin to France in 1917-1918, and built in my town, Saint-Nazaire, by USA transportation corps soldiers, in order to organize the logistics of US expeditionary corps. More than 1800 locs were sold to the french railways at the end of the WW I, and these "Pershing" locs were very active many years after the end of the WW II.

Picture is a draft to consider general proportions: my ambition is to create a more realistic model...

See you later!

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Non, ici, c'est parfait. :)


Interesting project, I would like to see it documented. Hope you'll find your shells but that's going to be a tough one. Like Jeff said, you should look into the Yahoo Auctions (or plan a trip to Japan).

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