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Older bullet train...Trix? ICE 1?


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I don't know exactly where to post this one since I am new--so please move me where you need to or advise! My question/issue is this: I came across an older ICE train on ebay and got it cheap, it says TRIX on the bottom of the main loco--but I can't find ANYTHING on this little guy (or gal) to tell me about when it was made and so forth. The pantographs are stationary plastic in the down position, there's NO lighting, and it was a 3 car set that came in a black plastic suitcase case with a clear side and plastic innards to keep the thing in place. There's a dummy loco (no side windows like the ICE 2 sets now coming out), a powered loco (runs well, has a switch on the bottom with A-B-and a symbol, and a passenger car. Any ideas where this one came from in terms of how old it is and what it might have been worth? I gave like 75 dollars for it and the sticker says 230 Deutschmarks originally--albeit theres a sales sticker partially removed!



Mark in Colorado--The Piping Pastor Riding the Rails.... ???:grin:laugh:

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Not something I know anything about but some of the European members might.  Suggest posting a few photos here.





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I'm not 100% sure (sorry, I sold all the old european catalogues when I changed my focus to japanese trains), but I remeber that 20 years ago Minitrix released some simplified sets for kids

(not working panto, without light etc.. ) in single box and also like complete start set (3 cars, oval and battery power pack)

the switch on the bottom is for working panto (the loco can also take power form wired catenary)

Of course, in your set is not connected but the mold is the same.

Sometime you can find it on ebay.de at 40-50 euro, so 75USD is the right price

(a lot of Italian modelers use it for kitbashing)




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Haha ... the last time I posted a link to an auction that I was bidding on someone from HERE won the item ... so I'm not doing THAT anymore.  Posting a few pics, as per my earlier suggestion, however is a good idea.





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