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Taiwan high speed train 700T


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You might be right!  It seems my trains have an effect when negotiating superelevated S curves.


Yes as Ghan commented an S curve on super elevated with the easement pieces would really put a tweak on longer cars, especially those with tighter diaphragm system like the 700t. like he said even a really short straight in the middle of the S works wonders.


other issue with longer cars and tighter diaphragm and curves can be putting a point directly after the curve. the curve on the longer cars seems to put more pressure on the leading truck to have a flange pick a point. again just a short section of straight between the curve and point make a big difference with this problem.





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Spaceman Spiff

Possibly but the shipping is $10. Lol


I got it for $202, which is probably too much but I'm a sucker for shiny new shinkansen's.




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Spaceman Spiff

Hi Bill,

Did you set have a problem in negotiating curves?  Mine has coaches derail when negotiating curves at high speed.  I have no problem with other Shinkansens (E4, 500, E3) when going thru the curve at the same speed.


I had the same issue. The 700T would derail when my other Shinkansen's including the 800 had no issues. I added 1/4oz weight over each truck and it seems fine for now.



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