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Summer 2011 Project Party Winner!

Martijn Meerts

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Martijn Meerts

We have a winner! Congratulations Sir Madog!


Voting has ended, and you, the forum members, have decided that Sir Madog's mini-module (as seen here: http://www.jnsforum.com/index.php/topic,5206.0.html) is the winner!!



Sir Madog will receive the following prize:


1 * GreenMax nr. 33 - Kit of 6 stores ( http://www.bttrains.com/products.php?product=GreenMax-33-Stores-(6) ).

1 * GreenMax nr. 34 - Kit of 6 houses ( http://www.bttrains.com/products.php?product=GreenMax-34-Houses-(6) ).


Bob Pierce of BT Trains (rpierce000) has kindly offered to donate the 6 stores kit as well as take care of shipping & handling, and as the organizer of the party, I've decided to add the 6 houses kit because the 2 sets complement each other so well.



Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's project party, and thanks to Bob for the donation, it's much appreciated :)

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Gee, folks, I feel very much honored!


I´d never thought I´d win, seeing so much excellent work in the forum. It is, though, a big boost for me to continue. After I had so many problems with my station module, I was starting to getting second thoughts on it.


The prize comes at the right time for me to finish that module, some houses will be used for one of the next modules.


Thank you to you all, guys!

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BT Trains is proud to have helped to provide the prize for this contest and hopes to provide many more in the years to come.


If you did not win, and still are interested in the prize, we have some in stock at:


http://www.bttrains.com/products/GreenMax-33-Stores-%286%29.html for the stores and http://www.bttrains.com/products/GreenMax-34-Houses-%286%29.html for the houses. The parts between these two kits are somewhat interchangeable and each of the kits is infinitely modifiable to match you imagination.


Congratulations to all who participated!




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A little package arrived in today´s mail, which will give me hours of building pleasure.!


Right now, I am changing my plans, so I can incorporate all those houses in my layout.


I might wait a little to include this project in the next project party!


Thanks so much for the great prize!

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Martijn Meerts

Ulrich, make sure to post pictures of the modules that have the buildings incorporated in them =)

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Give me some time, though, as I won´t have much time and energy to work on further modules. I have developed some nasty health issue which I have to overcome first.

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It will be interesting to see what you do with those kits. They are my favorites as everyone who builds them makes them differently and with two sets you can just go nuts.


I have about four of these sets in various states in my "pieces and parts" box. I find that whenever I need something, a detail or to build something for an odd place, I can just modify these and they work, EASILY!


Enjoy your prize, we enjoyed supplying it!  www.bttrains.com



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It´ll be a while before I can start building modules again. It hurts being condemned to armchairing for a while, but I will try to make best use of the time to come up with some nice ideas for those little houses. Maybe that´s a Summer Project Party 2012 entry ...

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