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Kato Unitram V-50 Set


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Does anybody know of anywhere to get this in the US? I just checked with Wig Wag and they're out of stock as is anyone else I can think of. I finally decided to pull the trigger and no can do. I'd order one from Japan, but the shipping is a killer!  :BangHead:

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Well, if you can't wait for the left hand edition this fall then try plazajapan on eBay or hobbysearch website.


Kato USA will not import anymore right hand drive unitrack.


Shipping is a killer because of the weight.


And paying all that shipping may as well get some more trams, stations, and feeder wires. Trams are fun to add to a layout.


You'll find a lot of good unitram and tram info in the Tram category.

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Are they really going to have a North American version coming out in the fall. I hadn't heard anything, but I'd be willing to wait for it. Is there any info regarding same on the web, I didn't see anything on Kato USA's website.

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One of the people at a LHS had heard that there would be one in time for xmas.  I read somewhere else (but I think it was a rumor) that this was being backed by a European company, so while the streets would be right hand, they wouldn't necessarily look exactly like U.S. road markings.


There's been no official announcement that I know of, but Kato isn't big on doing advance publicity.

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Most of the USA LHS get their Kato from the distributor Walthers. My LHS said Walthers said no more Unitram until the new stuff is released this Holiday season.


My set is almost 6 feet long so I'll probably pave over the arrows and and some white lines and call it good.

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One of the members of the Australian Japanese Model Railway Group (AJMRG) ran the KATO V-50 Unitram set at the recent Australian Model Railway Association (AMRA Vic Branch) Caulfield exhibition and it looked really great for a running tram display. We got asked a few questions about it during the weekend so that was great for us.


I will upload the photos when I can as I am going to be busy all the way through to next week, so please check the club layout thread for any updates.


Us, Aussies are starting to love N scale. We have a few model railway shops starting to sell KATO track and various building from many Japanese companies. In wich we try and promote them if we can but also promote our friends in Japan (HSJ, R10 and Plaza Japan, etc..)

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