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Sir Madog

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Even though we are well into the month of July, I´d like to "register" for this year´s project party.


Piece d´ resistance is another of my mini-modules, in fact the fourth one. I call it "Kibune-guchi" Gorge, it will be the scenic highlight on my proto-lanced "Eizan Electric Rlwy." from the outskirts of Kyoto to Kurama.


Here is a 3-D drawing:




The plywood for the module "box" has been bought, is marked and awaits the action of my saber saw.




More to follow soon!

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Just a quick update.


The box is now ready to receive the basic scenery. I´ll use Styrofoam for this.




More to come!

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Another update!


The module still looks a little funny, but it´s coming along.





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Today´s my 27th wedding anniversary and I spent most of the day working on my module. Well, I did go out for lunch with my wife, but just as long as the glue needed to set :)


Here is the picture of the day:




I am not too sure whether I like the "Green Wall" in the back of the module. I played with some options and found this one to be interesting looking:




Now how to make up my mind? Which one would you prefer?

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Personally I prefer the second one.

Try a bit of Mirror tile behind the module with a train on the bridge, think you might be pleased with the result.


BTW happy Anniversary.

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Martijn Meerts

I quite like the "green wall" actually, but maybe it could do with some slight color variation. I think the gap in the altered image is a bit too big really, but that's just me :)


And yes, happy anniversary!  :grin

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I don't like the straight line of the top of the green wall.  Too artificial-looking for a tree line.  Vary that a bit and it would be okay.  The second one also looks good.

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A friend of mine from another forum "photoshopped" my picture a little and came up with this idea:




It certainly has got this "Wow"-feeling to it. Now if I knew how to make a realstic looking waterfall...

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Hobby Dreamer

I was going to suggest a waterfall!  (and a river under the bridge).


KenS is correct that the top of the green part is too straight and Martijn was right about something like color to jazz it up....


BUT,  Its a great little dio..  If you could do a bit of fall (season) then some fall colored trees would look great...

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I have decided to give the module a major rework job. I was just not happy with a few things, which even don´t show up on a picture. I just finished "plucking" the clump foliage off the areas I will rework. I was able to salvage most if, so the loss amounts only to a few hours work, a little paint and some white glue.


I am not posting a picture of the module as it looks now - sad is a good word to describe it!

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Hobby Dreamer

Actually, it was a great dio.. You planned the whole thing well and built it almost to spec.


In a large layout it would have been a standout vignette, but because its small its easy to want it to be "perfect".


I think if you placed an engine on the track it would have looked great!!!




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I really like these modules you are making, at least in photos they look fantastic. From a construction point of view how easily do they snap together/split apart? I don't see the Kato expansion track being used. Is there a gap between modules (track length slightly longer then the wooden module length)?

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the modules are joined just by using the Kato rail joiner. Works nicely! As the track protrudes 1 mm at each side, disassembling them is also easy - I just slip a small screwdriver in the gap and gently pry them apart.




Yeah, it would have looked better with a loco, but it was easier to work on the pic without an engine placed on the track. I will be able to post a pic of the "new" module soon. Actually the changes will be not that dramatic, but necessary.

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I chipped in quite a lot of work on my module this weekend, making those corrections and adding some detail.


Here are a few pictures as it stands now:








I also experimented with white glue as a material for the waterfall - a method I found in a German forum. It is a simple technique, involving beads of white glue on wax paper, a tooth pick to give it a little bit of structure (after about 10 minutes). Once it´s dry, just peel it off the wax paper and apply it. It´s not perfect, but does look nice. More pictures on this to come.

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Nice, very very very nice. I love it very much and I want the same at home so my trains can run through it! ;)


Madog, between your signature and what you just said I'm wondering, are you living in Germany (also called the "are you German" question)?

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Nice, very very very nice. I love it very much and I want the same at home so my trains can run through it! ;)


Madog, between your signature and what you just said I'm wondering, are you living in Germany (also called the "are you German" question)?


Yes, I do - just a little south of Hamburg, within earshot of the main line from Hamburg to Bremen.

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I have added the "water" to the waterfall, using clear (?) latex caulk - a method which works nicely. Hopefully, the caulk will clear up one day. The milky white color was not intended, but is so far acceptable.







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That looks very good. Not only does the waterfall break up the even green of the trees, but it adds a sense of activity to a scene that's otherwise static except for any trains.


And for water that steep, white may be more realistic than clear anyway.

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Very little - in fact, none, work done on the module. Got the 1,5 mm H brass H-beams from my LHS and will hopefully to start work on the final addition to the module. Bad thing is - it requires soldering ... :(

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Dang - I just burned my soldering iron! The moment I put in the plug, the circuit breaker was tripped. May it rest in peace.


I therefore officially declare my module to be finished.


Here is my latest picture:



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