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Got a problem.. What parts to use on a turn?


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Ok, so in playing around with my layout, I have just realized that one of my inside bends is a C243-45..


Looking at my Tomix 2010-2011 catalog, I can't find anything that will go inside it??


Would 3 x C243-15's do it?


I might just switch it with a C280-45, and hope it all fits...



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Martijn Meerts

What do you mean with "go inside it"? Do you mean a smaller radius that's parallel to the C243-45?


3 x C243-15 is exactly the same as 1 x C243-45.

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What do you mean with "go inside it"? Do you mean a smaller radius that's parallel to the C243-45?


It took me a while but I know what Chris meant! He simply wondered if there was any piece(s) of rail that could make a C243-45.


Doesn't matter, I sorted it out..


Out of pure curiosity, did you went went with 3*C243-15 or with a C280-45? :)

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Good choice most trains run fine on these corners where the 243 I think you would have had issues.


Atleast with bullet trains you would and the occasional other one

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Would never run a bullet train on a suburban track layout.. Have my viaduct with massive bends for that job...

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To be hohnest if I were holding a nice well detailed suburban line I would run the shinkansen on it from time to time for some nice photos but thats just me.  :grin :grin


But yeah, some other trains will have issues in those 243's such as the micro ace kiha 91.


I can vouch for that it has some issues on 280's even if running too fast etc.


I'm sure theres other trains that will have this issue as well on 243's.


But majority will be fine. I know for a fact the e231 and similar models will run fine on them  :grin


Not that it matters as you are on 280's now anyway.


looking forward to pics of your project anyway once it's underway

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