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The Beginnings of a Desktop Layout

Sir Madog

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Yes, it is!


It needed some adjustments to fit to Unitrack. The ballast shoulder has a different angle than Tomix track.

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Fast reply! :cheesy

I also have a Tomytec station and it the crossing doesn't fit either because of the ballast. What did you 'adjust' then?

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Sorry - I took a nap. I am an old man, who enjoys taking a midday nap on weekends :)


I too k a jeweler´s file and filed it a bit until it fitted.

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A friend of mine showed up with a bundle of racks and shelves, and after a couple of hours work and many four letter words, the shelf is now up and the layout found its righteous home! Best part of it is, that I found a way to add a few more feet to the layout, allowing me to build up to 8 more modules - without getting a divorce!


Here are a few quick shots I took a few moments ago:







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very nice! looks like you can have a few more shelves as well! maybe a different scene on each shelf?!





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KenS - you are right, it needs a backdrop, if only to "distract" the view from those ugly metal racks. But which one? Most of those photographic backdrops are, say, a little to apparent, putting to much emphasize on them. That would leave me with painting one myself, and I doubt I´d do a good job with that.

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That's a good point.  A backdrop should never draw the eye, just fill in the parts you aren't looking directly at.


All you need are trees.  If you can find some pre-printed ones showing distant wooded hills, and cut them off so they stick up perhaps 8cm above the highest point on the layout, they might be subtle enough not to draw the eye.  You could make your own from photos, but that requires some photo-editing software (to fade the photos and stitch them together, as well as enlarging them) and gets expenseive in printing costs, so it's probably not an acceptable solution.

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It´s been a frustrating and unrewarding week, in terms of job search. I have given up looking for a job in Germany and will concentrate on Canada and "Down-under", incl. New Zealand.


Nevertheless, I found some time to work on the layout. I built a console to hold my Kato power pack. It is not really designed as a hand-held throttle, so the console comes in quite handy.




Needs a dab of paint, but that will come later.

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Sorry to hear about the job search.  I hope you turn something good up.


Hobbies are a good way to relax and get your mind off of problems for a time. I think it's important not to set them aside entirely to do more urgent things. And on that subject: Nice console.  How did you attach it to the underside of the shelf?

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Looking good madog!


Just an unrelated side note, Canada has a lot of opportunities opening up recently. I know it's a smaller area, but take a look at Nova Scotia, they just got a big investment from the government in the tune of 25 billion dollars, lots of jobs opening up in all sectors.

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Nova Scotia would be my favorite - I have a friend living there! My wife is still a little insecure, leaving everything behind is a big step once you have surpassed that magical "50" mark.


Built another module this morning. It is not scenicked yet - I need to think about what I´ll be doing with it. I want it to be a "transition" module between the mountains and a more urban setting.

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Looks amazing. I love the clump foliage. What is that red train that you have on the tracks?


It´s a Eizan Dentetsu KK class 900 EMU nicknamed Kirara. Eizan Dentetsu connects the outskirts of Kyoto with Kurama.

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