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Dcc what you guys think.

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Martijn Meerts

I'll see if I can shoot a quick video of a semi-permanent layout I built with my father, based on one of the layouts in the Tomix layout back. It's all DCC and fully computer controlled. It's not set up 100% like it should, so not everything works yet, but it usually has anywhere from 3 to 5 trains running at the same time, with another 6 or so on various yards/spurs that get swapped out automatically. Might take a while though :)

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That is impressive....it doesn't look like a simple design....the modeler must be an engineering student from MIT  :cheesy


Wow... I just stumbled into DCC while watching youtube for some nice N gauge 'opening sets' videos, where they took video while opening certain sets..


Besides that, i just truely amazed by this!



Oh Man! True work of electronic engineering! Enough to give me a headache just by looking at the diagram... But sure is fun driving lotsa of trains using one single controller!

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JR 500系

Yes The_Ghan, to be frank, i didnt know what the fuss is about DCC until i see this... Indeed, multiple trains running via one controller is impressive! I've to start saving the pennies indeed, but not for DCC but probably for layout materials & trains. Just gotten my layout table yesterday... Start of my layout project~


@ Martijn Meerts: Erm.. think i'll stick to default controller for me... I'm a poor man.. Yes that will be so nice to see your layout! Thanks!


@ Bernard: I thought so too! Look at the electric diagram he draw and how to program & connect... He must felt a great sense of satisfaction when he was running his trains!

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